The “Ladies and Gentlemen” Banquet: is the theme for this year’s girls and guys breakout banquets.

On Wednesday evening at 5:00 p.m. we will be hosting our annual camp banquet. The guys and girls are separated into their own banquet hall for a very special dinner and ministry time. We ask for everyone to bring at least one nice outfit to wear at this banquet. It does not have to be a shirt and tie or a fancy dress but something other then shorts and t-shirt.


The objectives of this banquet are to:

•  To give youth the tools necessary to stay pure

•  To plant a seed for youth to honor God with their body

•  To help youth develop a vision for a Godly marriage


The Call:   is a call to action,  a call to think about life and death; a call to cherish family and friends; a call to share the Good news of Christ; a call to pray and a call to live a Christ centered life.