February 15 – 17, 2019


YEX winter camp for youth ages 13 and up offers power-packed ministry by outstanding youth leaders and bands. Activities include outdoor sports, swimming, canoeing, games, arts, dance and drama workshops and so much more!!!

$129.00 per person

The per person rate includes a two night stay in Miracle Manor, Five meals (Friday dinner – Sunday Lunch) All Activities & Conference Fee


Sand Volleyball, Inflatables and on Saturday it will be the Hillbilly Olympics! similar to the national olympics but instead of ice skatin' or swimmin' an such, there's sports like hay bale jumpin', mud tug-of-war, Mud Pit Belly Flop Contest, Toilet Seat Horse Shoes, Moon Pie Relay, and much more.. (actual athletics Skills not a requirement) Your youth group will compete against each other in the games as well as the best Hillbilly dress youth group!