Yung Titan

yung_titanLatrell Ray Freeman (Born Dec 6, 1990) who minster and records under the name “Yung Titan” with the gift of music that he initially used as an outlet to talk about his life growing up without the knowledge of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Raised up in a single parent home and a violence surrounded area, it was only when he experienced a disaster which caused him to lose his home to fire that he decided that enough was enough. As he matured in Christ through teaching under Apostle Alton R. Williams at World Overcomers Outreach Ministries Church, Latrell begin to incorporate the stories and miracles of Jesus Christ into his music. He took on the name of his favorite football team and began changing the lives of his fellow youth.

Now, married with two children, Yung Titan is an independent artist who is currently leading The Standard Youth Ministry located in Memphis, Tennessee. He attends Faith Church Memphis and he’s putting his faith in God to help him improve his community. His goal is not only to reach but to teach the lost with a focus on the youth of today. He encourages people to follow the word of God and to live an unlimited life for Christ.