Tal Zentmeyer

tal_760For the past 5 years Tal has been touring along the east coast playing shows at concert venues, conferences, churches, bars, community centers, and teen centers. Tal recently traveled for 2 months with the Extreme Tour. He has also performed with bands such as Unhindered, I-Anthem, Kurtis Blow, Makeshift Jukebox, Civil Parish, and Levi The Poet.

Tal has been putting his Bachelors degree in Creative Arts to work in a very unique way for the past 5 years. By combining thought provoking words with multi genre music styles along with a passionate live performance, he has built an unforgettable show. After releasing his debut EP “Houdini’s Got Nothing On Me” Tal began working on a full length project called The Great Chicago Fire. Using the knowledge he learned from the experience of the first recording, Tal believes he has truly upped the ante for this new CD. From the raw hard hitting lyrics in “J. Cash” to the comforting blues of “Campfire” we learn an undeniable truth. That truth is, that we as humans all struggle, but we don’t have to struggle on our own.

The most unique part of Tal’s art form is that he is able to reach across all genres of music. This flexibility opens doors for sharing stages with all kinds of artists.