Life Groups


Sunday Morning

9:00 a.m. Explosive Youth High School and Gen 21 Young Adults Bible Study – YEX Building

10:00 am Ground Zero Middle School – YEX Building


Wednesday Nights – 2nd and 3rd Wednesday each month

Middle School Girls 6th – Sarah Molinatto

Middle School Girls 7th Grade – Shekinah Mays

Middle School Girls 8th Grade – Hannah Skorski

Middle School Boys 6th – Derek Boyce

Middle School Boys 7th u0026amp; 8th – David Posada and Kevin Kocher

High School Girls 1 – Jessica u0026amp; Kristen Pearson

High School Boys 1 – Adrian Mays

High School Boys 2 – James Clerval u0026amp; Steve

Young Adults – Hayley Durham u0026amp; Barbara White


For more information contact Pastor Sue Lowery at the Youth Office at (941) 746-2882  Ext. 470


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