Jordan Marcon

Jordan Marcon1At age 17, Jordan attended a youth retreat, hosted by his youth pastor, Jeanne Mayo. It was at this retreat that he decided to go all in and make the decision to serve Jesus Christ. Over the next 3 years he trained with Mayo helping build and develop youth ministries and leadership schools in Illinois, California and Georgia. In 2004, he accepted a position as Assistant Director of Master’s Commission Atlanta. In 2006, he assumed the role of Director of Master’s Commission Atlanta (now known as Atlanta Leadership College).

Jordan’s life is currently focused on helping others establish their character, determine their purpose and develop their leadership. He is dedicated to helping form and shape developing minds in a way that is Christ centered, people focused and opportunity driven. Though a pastor by calling, his heart for the business community allows him to broaden his reach in developing those with all types of callings and pursuit interests. Over the years, he has come along side hundreds of students in helping them have a successful gap year experience, formulate their future education plan or enter into full-time ministry.

In his down time he enjoys outdoor adventure, traveling and fitness.